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We create bronze art, in service of art.

Art captures you, moves you and speaks to you in ways words never could. Art inspires. It enables you to see the world in unimaginable ways. Art is life, and it’s what we live for.

Every new pieces we cast finds its origins in the artists brain. It starts as an emotion, a feeling, not yet visible for the eye to see. This idea. This concept, we cherish. Our hands bring it to life. It’s an incredibly skilled process that requires focus, every step of the way. We chip, mold and weld until our creation meets the artist expectation. It’s a process only suited for those who breathe imagination, who have a real passion for art. We at Flassh are that person.

Founded in 1957, the passion for bronze casting has been passed on from father to son. This passion still sparks in our now third generation company. Like our ancestors we still pour our heart and soul into the concepts we bring to life. Whatever obstacles we encounter, we solve. Until we succeed in making the invisible seen.

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